Your seminar was an amazing learning experience for me. Awareness is the first step towards progress! I sat down last night and deleted about 250 emails that were no longer of relevance. I got so annoyed about having to waste my time like this, that I’m determined not to ever let it get to that state again. It is so reassuring to hear from you: Just do a little bit every day, and never give up. In the last few years I had read and reread books about the clutter topic, but without results. You and then your book 'Leben statt Kleben' seem to have touched something in me that released enormous amounts of energy. The seminar was a turning point for me. I finally seem to have ‘clicked’. You achieved the amazing thing: to give me the energy to finally tackle the clutter issue. Thank you so much. - Helga, Munich

Birgit! - I've been thinking of you. You really make such a positive impact on people's lives. The organising and decluttering work that we did together made a huge difference to me emotionally. I saw R. last night for dinner and she says that you have really transformed her life as well. I'm looking forward to continuing our work! - xxx Britta, London

I so enjoyed the seminars, which have made me think about what I really want. I loved hearing everyone's experiences - what they had achieved and what they'd had to cope with or solve. The most important thing I’ve learned was to look beyond the superficial - in everything. And to welcome change! Thank you for some great seminars. - Linda, London

Over the last five weeks I have looked forward to our sessions and the group interaction. I have liked the informality of the group and the weekly achievement update as they help you feel open to share if you choose to and it was interesting to hear others' thoughts. I've so enjoyed the sessions as they've taught me new things and have motivated me into action. Since the seminars I've noticed a shift in my outlook - maybe because in five weeks I've now become AWARE. Thank you. - Kerry, Kent

I think your seminars were great. It's always interesting to hear other people's experience and realise that you are not the only one. It also concentrates the mind and makes you think seriously about how you lead your life. I wasn't expecting that!! I also hadn't really thought too much about other types of clutter like things that are unfinished and unresolved. I am a great procrastinator and always have a long list of things that I have been putting off (not usually for any good reason) and I'm just realising how cluttering that is. The most important learning experience for me was to think about the impact that clutter of all kinds has on your frame of mind and how this affects your life. - Christine, Essex

Hello Birgit, I achieved so much since you came to Stuttgart. I arranged or reorganized many things in our apartment: the kitchen, bedrooms, clothes, children's games and books, my admin stuff on the dining table (!!!) and decided to get rid of things that I have been keeping in drawers for too long. You are right, we really do feel better afterwards. I also bought some wonderful paintings for the living room. My husband appreciated that I made this effort for the family, and he did his part. I think you greatly inspired many women at the IWC! – Marina, Stuttgart

I loved the light-hearted mood of the talk and the fact that the speaker delved into why we collect stuff. Her ideas were sensible and good. My friends also said how much they enjoyed it. It should be a great help to me to tackle the mountains of, mostly, paper which are filling my space…! - Jane, London

When I want to treat myself to a boost of inspiration, I book an event with Clear of Clutter. - Lana, London

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your talk at the Barbican - it has really helped me to re-focus on some de-cluttering. I've only been in my flat for 5 months and already I have too much stuff..! - Tessa, London

Thank you very much for yesterday's wonderful workshop which was very helpful, thought-provoking and uplifting. - Natalie, London

The seminar was really great, thanks so much - it was so much fun! I really felt that everyone was very intrigued.. - Kathleen, Stratford

I'm sending you this email to thank you for the talk yesterday. I had seen the programmes, read the books... - but only your talk has finally motivated me into action, to tackle the dispiriting muddle that I'd let accumulate. Thank you. - Phyllis, London

Clear of Clutter helps me to meet and exceed deadlines. - Jeni, London

Your seminar gave me a more joyful outlook on life, and the courage to embrace change. I have gained more clarity and developed a new vision for my professional life - what a transformation! - Christine, Birmingham

Birgit spoke to our Club and I have never seen the group so inquisitive and interested in a speaker in the entire 2 years that I have selected speakers for our group. She kept the group engaged for the entire talk. Her approach to clutter clearing is focused on the big picture and the cause versus just the solution. I highly recommend her for any size group. - SWWC, London