Clearing Coaching and Consultations

Facilitating decluttering, organising or (re)designing; intuitive Feng Shui

NEW: Clearing coaching via phone and/or email!

Specialist Services

Wardrobe edits; Before/after moving; Home Staging for successfull selling/letting; Bereavement/separation decluttering; Decluttering to prepare for downsizing or a new baby;Assistance with mental/emotional clutter.

Colour consultations; Interior design solutions (our popular 'dejunk-revamp' service); Intuitive Feng Shui

We can make your home/office happier! We can tame the paper beast!

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Talks, Training and Seminars

'Clear your Clutter - Manifest your Dreams!' ; 'Clear Desk Clear Mind'; 'Keys to Organising yourself'

Clearing of Time / Electronic / Mental or Emotional Clutter; Time Management - Energy Management

Colours and Feng Shui for Joyful Living

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